Heavy Duty Applications

We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing heavy duty radiators for all types of heavy vehicles like heavy duty trucks, heavy earthmoving equipment, and special vehicles like Tatra trucks which are used to carry heavy equipment for the army on absolutely rough and trying terrain.

Mobile Applications

Our long and varied experience in heat transfer technology, and uncompromising standards have made our radiators extremely reliable in the most adverse operating conditions of temperature and terrain from deserts to forests, highways to mountain roads.

Railway Applications

Whether the cooling equipment is for B.G. (Broad Gauge) or M.G. (Meer Gauge), for passenger or goods loco’s, for O.H.E. CAR Application for Railway Traction Inspection D.M.U. (Diesel Multiple Units) or where cooling is required for air-conditioning power pack units, we have it all. We are always ready to meet the ever-increasing demands of the locomotive industry.

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