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The founder, Mr. Osman Ali Talab, a man of humble forbearing was born in Mombassa, Kenya in 1940. He started his career at the tender age of 15, as an artisan. In 1963, he migrated to India and through sheer dint of his hard work and initiative, rose to become the head of the ‘Structural Department’ of a large industrial house and remained in employment upto the year 1969.
Pune, also nicknamed as the ‘Detroit of the East’ boasted of the best and the biggest name in the ‘Diesel Engine’ manufacturing segment of the country. With a foresight typically characteristic of the management style which kept paying rich dividends for the next quarter century and till date, Mr. Osman Ali Talab chose to manufacture ‘Industrial Radiators’ for Diesel Engine Application as the company's principal product.

Constant innovation and design improvement coupled with rigorous Research and Development activity during the ensuing years saw the Product Line ever increasing and diversifying into a range of products in the ‘Heat Exchanger’ family with major emphasis on the following products-
  • Radiators for heavy duty mobile applications.
  • Radiators for railways application.
  • Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers.
  • Intercooler and Aftercooler.
  • Compressor Coolers.

We were one of the first Radiator Companies in the country to obtain an ISO-9000 Certification in October 1996. Subsequently, we obtained QS-9000 and presently we are certified as an ISO-9001:2008 Company.
We have also implemented Six Sigma practice in our day-to-day operations.


Udyog Patra Award for a Self-Made Industrialist, conferred by the Vice President of India


M. L. Dhanukar Entrepreneur Award
Poona Radiators and Oil Coolers

Poona Radiators & Oil Coolers(PRO) began as a small enterprise way back in 1970 making simple... This is the latest venture of the Talabs, and quite ambitious too, since for the very first...

Young Industries

Established in the year 1971 located on eastern part of Pune with best & fast Infrastructure connectivity by Road & Air to International Air & Sea Port in Mumbai (Bombay).

Zois Charge Air Coolers Pvt. Ltd.

This is the latest venture of the Talabs, and quite ambitious too since for the very first time the group ventured into manufacturing exclusively Aluminium..


Radiator-cum-Oil Cooler Assemblies are designed to cool charged air, water and hydraulic oil as composite cooling system. These cooling systems are used for pneumatic compressors, earth-moving equipment, road machineries, cranes, motor graders, etc.


Radiators-cum-Charge Air Coolers Assemblies are designed to cool charged air from turbo charger and diesel engine water for Diesel Power Generating Sets up to 2000 KVA rating.


Oil Coolers are known for durability and performance. Oil Coolers are specially designed for hydraulic power packs and pneumatic compressors, which are used for applications such as Construction and Mining Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Water Well Rigs, etc.


We design and manufacture Air-Cooled Coolers and After Coolers in copper wire wound fin tube construction. Wire wound fin tubes are manufactured in an external wire loop fin machine and internal turbulence generator fin machine imported from the UK. Our Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers and After Coolers provide an integral cooling solution where liquid-to-liquid heat exchange is required in marine application. They are characterized by precision bored shell and tube stacks machined to close tolerances. The materials of construction having corrosion resistant properties are selected to suit applications involving substances/liquids with corrosive properties. Special custom units for direct mounting on engines to provide a compact, integral cooling package can be designed and built.


Over 500 varieties of heavy duty industrial radiators suitable for engines rating up to 2000 KW are employed in diverse applications, which include:

  • Diesel Power Generating Sets.
  • Off-Highway Construction Equipments.
  • Heavy Duty Pump Sets, Heavy Duty Trucks, Bus.
  • Earth-Moving Equipments, Compactors, Pavers, Containerized Power Plants.
  • Mining Shovels, Excavators, Backhoe Loaders.
  • OHE Inspection Cars, Rail Coaches.

Railway Applications
Heavy Duty Applications
Mobile Applications
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